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Sunday, September 04, 2005

smallthings by Teresa Robinson

smallthings, originally uploaded by Sunshine follows me.

These are truly amazing pieces of jewellery - beautifully handcut into tiny slabs of silver and then layered over a piece of stained glass to bring out the delicacy of the image.

I love the intricate detail that is in each little picture - the jagged edges of flower petals or the veins of an insect's wing. It just makes me think of all the attention each little piece has been given. I also like the way that each image comes in a selection of styles and colours - so can be personalised to the customer's particular taste.

The best part is, for this week, Teresa is giving half of her proceeds to the hurricane relief fund of Mercycorps. So now you can buy stuff for yourself and feel altruistic at the same time. Go have a look at her wares!


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