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Monday, April 02, 2007

Balconniere update

It snowed occasionally but the pansies seemed to love the cold frosty weather and bloomed even more profusely than ever.

MDH would occasionally peer anxiously at the balconnieres, hoping to see some evidence of spring poking through the soil, wondering if the snow and frost had killed the dormant bulbs that he buried last autumn.

Spring is here!
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Sunshine follows me.
But now that the snows have melted and the howling wind has lost it's chill, our patience has been rewarded.

Delicate, deep blue irises stand elegant and tall. Pale purple crocuses open with the warmth of the sun, revealing brilliant yellow star-centres.

MDH looks at his little growing garden and then looks at me with triumph in his eyes and suddenly, I know that he dreams about looking after little living things and cultivating little growing things.

Maybe next spring. Maybe soon.


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