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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Away with the fairies

TSCD: Hello there, I'm the doctor come to see you. How are you feeling?
Mr Doolalie: Yes...well...the atmosphere here is quite pleasant.
TSCD: Okay, can you open your eyes please?
Mr Doolalie: No, I like to keep them closed if you don't mind, to enjoy the atmosphere.
TSCD: Do you know where you are?
Mr Doolalie: Oh yes.
TSCD: Where are we now then?
Mr Doolalie: That's right. Absolutely. And what are we? Hmmm...
TSCD: No, where are we now?
Mr Doolalie: present day. A good day for brick laying.
TSCD: Okay. Have you any pain anywhere?
Mr Doolalie: It is...a grand day for brick laying.
TSCD: Ummm...okay. We will need to do some blood tests and Xrays.
Mr Doolalie: Oh yes...the blood is thick and so is the mortar. That's why it sticks to the bricks.
TSCD: Do you have any questions for me?
Mr Doolalie: Yes...I do have a question.
TSCD: What is it?
Mr Doolalie: Are you...German?


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