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Monday, February 27, 2006

Other uses for urine dipsticks

Urine dipstick readings are as follows: -

Day 1: Nitrites 0.1, pH 7.5

Day 2: Nitrites 0.05 pH 7.0

Day 3: Nitrites 0.0 pH 7.0

Day 4: Nitrites 0.0 pH 7.0

Day 5: Nitrites 0.0 pH 7.0

Day 6 (today): We have just purchased a new fish for the
biOrb! Hooray! Our new addition is a Betta splendens, otherwise known as the Siamese fighting fish. He is absolutely beautiful - covered in red scales fringed with purple and blue, with long flowing red fins.

I hope he gets along with the Neon tetras.

I must acquire some more urine dipsticks tomorrow.


Blogger fortycalibernap said...

he won't get along with the tetras. he's named appropriately, and they're usually kept alone.

pretty fish, but nasty. deceiving because of the langour. he won't rip straight into them like a pirahna, but you'll notice what happens over the course of a week.

good god -- i just realized i've been reduced to giving fish advice.

9:53 am  
Blogger tscd said...

fortycalibernap: Sad to say, you are very right. I trawled the fish forums and came up with mixed responses (guess it depends on the temperament of the individual fish) - which is why we took a chance and bought a fighter that was swimming in the same tank as tetras at the shop. He seemed to ignore the tetras when we first put him in the tank and they mostly left him alone. But this morning, my tetras are all much paler in colour...and one of them has lost an eye and will certainly die by the evening.

I suppose we might have to return the fish.

4:57 pm  
Blogger define_me said...

I love Bettas. I actually managed to train my old betta (who recently died of old age) to take a food pellet from my finger. Nothing special but quite nifty I would have to say.

I hope you don't return him. They're very low maintenance and like fortycalibernap said...very pretty.

11:31 am  
Blogger tscd said...

define me: I tried leaving the betta in with the neons and no further neons died, but they didn't look very happy. I am sad to have to return the betta, but I don't have the facilities to keep him comfortable for very long - I've put him in a vase temporarily until I can return him to the shop. He seems much calmer now that he's on his own.

7:17 pm  

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