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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So far away

The Aged P leaves for Singapore today, and I won't even get to give her a goodbye hug.

I know most of my mates in Singapore envy my independence and the fact that I am located half a world away from the Aged Ps. They complain to me about having to deal with domineering parents who interfere with their lives, having to call home constantly to let them know their whereabouts, having to bear with angry naggings and freezing silences.

But I miss being able to talk to my parents and not have to worry about long distance phone charges or calling them up at inappropriate times. I miss standing next to Mum, folding laundry whilst she irons, chatting about random events and gossiping about my cousins. I miss watching Dad fall asleep watching TV and grumble "I'm listening!!" when I attempt to change the channel. I miss Mum clucking round me trying to force feed me more vitamin C. I miss Dad complaining that I never drink enough water.

And most of all, I miss being around to comfort and support my parents when they are worried or stressed or sad...and I would dearly love to be able to pop by with chicken soup when they are unwell or drag them out for a meal after Church on Sundays or insist on visiting just to help with the housework. I want to do all the things a loving daughter should be able to do - but I can't.

I mean, even with all the little niggling idiosyncrasies, they are family. And I will always miss them.

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