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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I wish I had a river that I could sail away on

It's not a good day. My patients are yelling because I'm refusing to send them home ("No, you can't go home until you can feed yourself!"), the nurses are bleeping me every five minutes to harass me, I've got relatives chasing me round the hospital trying to get updates...

Sometimes I think people overestimate my abilities as a doctor. I may be a good doctor, but it doesn't mean that I have powers of :

Omnipresence ("Why weren't you here?" "Because I was not on duty at 3am!")

Omniscience ("So what will be the results of the scan?" "I don't know, because it hasn't been done yet" "Yes, but what will be the result?" I mean, do I look like I have Xray vision to you, chump? Do I look like I can predict the future?)

or Omnipotence ("Make me better now!")

When will people understand that DOCTORS ARE HUMANS NOT DEITIES?

I must admit that some doctors so strut about the place as if they were gods. But it's all a myth! Doctors need to eat and sleep just like everyone else!

I need to close my eyes and take my mind far away from here, and leave it someplace quiet and peaceful, just to stop myself from screaming.



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