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Monday, December 08, 2008

10 conversation stoppers in 10 months

Month 0:
'So now you are having your confinement - have you been eating chicken testicles?'

Month 1:
'Your son is so pretty, your next baby will definitely be a girl!'

Month 2:
'Why do you read your baby those silly books about hungry caterpillars? My friend read her baby 'The Economist' and now she is so clever!'

Month 3:
'Your baby is so cute! Looks like a dog!'

Month 4:
'You haven't registered Stardust for kindergarten yet? WHY NOT?! Don't you want him to be clever?'

Month 5:
'Eh, my daughter-in-law is going to give birth soon - do you recommend chicken testicles?'

Month 6:
'When your baby is teething you should let him bite your finger.'

Month 7:
'You shouldn't let your baby stand up so early or he'll have bad eyesight.'

Month 8:
'Let your baby watch more TV, then he can learn about the world!'

Month 9:
'I can tell that you are breastfeeding - you seem to be balding.'

Month 10:
'You really shouldn't put blusher on your baby's face.'


Anonymous w said...

#3 cracked me up SO hard. i can just imagine a well-meaning chinese auntie squawking that and the look of horror that i would not have been able to conceal, had it happened to me.

12:28 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

w: Yeah, you think it'd only happen once, but I heard it 4 times from 4 different random coffeeshop aunties!

9:16 am  
Anonymous hamster said...

Welcome back! Thank God we don't have to listen to those kinda comments :P :P

11:13 am  
Anonymous simplyjen said...

My first thought was,"Are these people for real?" but then, I realised I could think of people around capable of making similar comments. *Gasp*

It is great to read yr posts again. Welcome back!

11:20 pm  
Blogger Ondine said...

I totally attest to Month 4. A friend told me that I had to register the twins for kinder the MINUTE they were born and I didn't believe her. I heard more rumblings of that so I rang a kinder out of curiosity when they were 10 months old and the lady who picked up scolded me for waiting and said it was my own fault my twins didn't have a place in the school.

Well, I'm sorry I was busy with other things like trying to figure out HOW TO BE A MOM?!!!

6:04 pm  

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