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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What to do in five hours

We were standing and looking at our toes in our living room this morning, just standing and looking at our toes and wondering what to do.

I had the day off, and MDH's shift only began in the late afternoon. So we had 5 hours.

We could have spent the 5 hours sorting through paperwork (mostly bills and tax returns) that had been piling up around the house in great fluttering mountains.

But we decided that it was time to go exploring instead. Take in the lay of the land, as it were. Get some fresh air, stretch our legs, expand our horizons, and avoid getting papercuts.

So we put together a picnic (consisting mostly of orange squash, crisps and peanut M&Ms) and took the car for a ramble.

Soon we were standing and looking at our toes again, but this time on the beach.

Spurn me
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Sunshine follows me.
The beach was by no means dilapidated - there were a few mums and tiny tots out for a stroll - but Spurn Head beach goes on for miles at low tide, so we soon found a secluded nook to enjoy our picnic.

There's something about sea air that makes potato crisps taste much more flavoursome.

MDH shut his eyes, leaned back against a large boulder, and contemplated calling in sick for the day. He did have a little sniffle. Unfortunately, his sense of responsibility was powerful strong, and an hour later, we were driving back to the city.

Perhaps we didn't achieve as much as we would have done, if we'd stayed at home this morning.

But it was a good waste of 5 hours.


Blogger hamster said...

It's never a waste of time when you draw closer to your best friend, your other half, and you remember why you married him in the first place. Sense of responsibility and all.

11:12 am  
Blogger tscd said...

hamster: Absolutely. :)

2:29 am  

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