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Thursday, September 14, 2006


It is not acceptable to ask a patient who is having an acute asthma attack to drive themselves from the A&E department round to the local cottage hospital just because that is where the respiratory specialists live. Especially if they aren't even well enough to walk.

It is not acceptable to shout at the nurse because she was five minutes slow to give you antibiotics. Especially when you clearly saw that she was with the patient in the adjacent bed who had just been told he has pancreatic cancer. Have some humanity, people.

It is not acceptable to tell a doctor that a locum had been hired to cover her on-call shift whilst she was on three days compassionate leave, and later tell her that she would have to take a pay cut that month because she had worked three days less.

It is unacceptable to allow your visiting child to enter the doctors treatment room wherein lie all manner of sharp objects, and then shout at us when we kick him out and forcibly remove from his possession a half opened suture kit. Scalpels are not toys.


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